By Duane The Great Writer

  • “From somewhere near the beginning of Creation, there have been Those who started to Tell Stories, either about what they Experienced or what Others Experienced, or what they Heard and were Told what else was Happening Somewhere in Creation. All this 'seems' to be FunStuff. Each one of US have grown up with a lot of Different Stories that have been Told to US, and for the most part, We never really 'questioned' the Sound-Good Stories that We Heard. As an example, the Story of Santa Claus is a Good-One, as each of US likes to get something from someone or from somewhere. And again, how many of US actually Questioned the Stories and 'ideas' about Santa Claus? And was it really Our Parents & Relatives & Friends that actually brought US the Presents? Many of US were also raised & indoctrinated with the many invented Belief Systems, which all of THEM have their own Historical Stories (and where are the witnesses Now?) to Tell that Sound-Really-Good and CONvincing. Of course, most people want to 'believe' in a Higher Power, and they have the right to do so, as ALL of US in Life Can Have Whatever We Want! Then, there is the invented system of Government with the many Publicly Paid People involved that like to Tell Their Stories to Those Who Support THEM. We all like to Hear a Good Story, and the Government People can tell some Really Good-Ones! Each One of US can Decide Whatever We Like, and this is what We are Told by the Best Story Tellers on This Planet Earth, the Local & Worldly Government Officials. Then, there are Those People who like to walk around in 'white coats' with badges or something else around their necks, such as scientists, technicians, & doctors, who propose to be the Know-it-alls for the (in TheirMinds/THEM) supposedly Not-knowing-to-much Public. These people also like to Tell Some Really Good Stories, and of course, they Back Each Other Up with Their Story Telling, along with the 'officialness' of the SelfAppointed Authorities, that what They are Telling the UNsuspecting Public (who supports THEM) is the Truth (and of course in TheirMinds Only) and that the UNsuspecting Supporters of the invented systems Should Obey what they are Told! Many People are Actually WakingUP to some of the old & new Story Telling and Seeing Thru it! This 'IS' a Step for sure, but ThereIS a Lot More to be Seeen! ThereIS ReALL UNUversisss of RealFreedom for Everyone with NO Authorities! SING 'NU~U~U~U' and Watch Your DreamVisions and ALLLife will Show You 'What IS ReALL Now!' TAKE THE RISK... ASK REBISAR & PALL & DUANE & THE REALL UNUVERSAL GUIDES for RealGuidance & RealEducation on THE REALL~SIDE LIFEIS!


    This Planet Earth Needs a Lot of Help from ALL of US, Right Now! Dean Val of NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversity is contacting people Around This World Everyday to share the importance of The ALLNaturALL Environment Supporting ALL of US. Dean Val & Duane Lee Heppner. org 501C3, have created ‘CAN~Community Action Network’ to Help ALLCommunities become aware of How to Be SelfSufficient with PermaCulture & Food&RainForests. We are always looking for RealPeople to StepUp who want to Learn what Life on This Earth is all about. We will be leasing large portions of land to create Something Wonderful for ALLCommunities Everywhere! Contact: Val Vitols on Skype & Facebook & +1.408.990.6627, to get involved with what We ALL ‘CAN’ DO Now!

    Or through the website provided on the left, the "Click For Further Info" Button. Join us for weekly environment awareness skypes every Sunday at 11pm (PST).

    The NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversity’.is dedicated to supporting and
    Providing a RealPurpose & RealAwareness with The ALLNaturALL Environment Supporting ALL of US with. First Comes This Earth with Food&RainForests and to Protect what is Still Here!
    For Those who have the Awareness to See what is Actually Taking Place Here with ALL the Natural Devastation, which is also PurposelyPlanned by WorldKontrollers, You now have a RealOpportunity to StepUp and ‘Do Something’ with Those who also Care about Your Planet Earth! Duane Lee Heppner has created ‘The NUUU~Nations United UNUversal UNUversity’ which completely entails The ALLNaturALL Environment EveryWhere and a RealEducation that has RealValue, and that far surpasses any ‘commonly created’ indoctrinating educational system that Does Not Focus on What Sustains ALL of US NaturALLy! RealSurvival MakesSense with Everything Here That is SelfSustaining.
    Duane The Great Writer is making HimSelf Available for Those who want to KnowMorrre & SeeeMorrre & BeeeMorrre than just having another ‘ordinary’ unaware life on This Purposely Poisoned Planet! Create Your NU’Seee’sion with Duane The Great Writer and D’IS’cusss any topic You Like! Here IS Some Examples to D’IS’cusss… Personal, Financial, Relationships, Dreams, Government, 5G, GMO, ChemTrails, Vaccines, HAARP, Military, Secret Service, Spying, Subliminal TapLining, Conspiracy, Angels, Gods, Fairys, Ghosts, Aliens, Reptilians, Religious, Spiritual, Governments, Monarchy, and anything that pertains to what You are Experiencing in This CreationBubble. And Also… The ReALLL UNUversisss of RealFreeedom! Learn to Get Your Own Answers! NU’SEEE’SIONS Start at: 30 Minutes @ $1 (One US Dollar into PayPal) a Minute and can be as much time as needed. (and Yes, the way DUANU Writes His NUWords Refers to Something Morrre than what is known Here, and this is where You Decide to Recogn’IS’e What IS ReALLL Now with ALLLife or continue on as You have with just another PersonalLife in an Aging BodyForm). Contact: KEVIN SMITH UK & DEAN VAL USA on Facebook&YouTube.

    The ALLNaturALL Environment. (Physical-environmental And The 5 Bodies)

    The RealWakeUp Now. Creation.

    The RealWakeUp Now. Wonderful Educators, Time, And Yugas.